Dems Attacked Charlie’s Handling Of Economy In 2008, As His Stimulus Programs Failed To Help Florida In 2010  FIVE YEARS AGO TODAY, WHAT DID FLORIDA DEMOCRATS SAY ABOUT “EMPTY CHAIR CHARLIE”? Florida Democratic Party Attacks “Empty Chair Charlie’s” Handling of Florida’s Economy After Crist Tells Families To Go To Disney World.  ”‘Empty Chair Charlie must [...]

“Empty Chair Charlie Sees Vibrant Economy”

Excerpts from Florida Democratic Party “Empty Chair Charlie” Press Release From August 25, 2008: “Showing once again that he is out of touch with Floridians … Charlie Crist wrote today that he is worrying about undermining ‘our vibrant economy.’ … ‘Only people who own eight houses or spend $1,800 on hotel rooms can think that Florida’s families [...]

“Empty Chair Crist Is Taking Even More Time Off Rather Than Working To Fix Florida’s Economy”

Florida Democratic Party “Empty Chair Charlie” Press Release From August 15, 2008 “As he prepares for an event with Empty Chair Charlie Crist today, Republican Candidate Tom Rooney (FL-16) reported raising only $7,787 in the last month, marking a decided downturn in Rooney’s campaign … “Tom Rooney’s campaign seems to be running out of gas, [...]

This Day In CRIST-ory 8/8/2008 – “Photo Ops Over Solutions”

Florida Democratic Party Press Release From August 8, 2008: “Empty Chair Charlie Chooses Photo Ops Over Solutions For Florida’s Economy”  “Empty Chair Charlie continues his out of touch ways today according to the Associated Press, who reported that the Governor ‘has embarked on a listening tour…but his stops have been heavy on image-boosting and light [...]

Florida Shrinking, Crist Campaigning

Excerpts From Florida Democratic Party Press Release Five Years Ago The Florida Democratic Party Issued The Following News Release On August 1, 2008 “In their article about Florida’s recession, The St. Petersburg Times reported today that Wachovia economists confirmed Thursday what many Floridians already felt in their bones: The state is in a recession. “In [...]


How Did Florida Democrats React To Charlie’s Attack On Obama Over Gas Prices? BROWARD POLITICS FIVE YEARS AGO TODAY: “On Morning Joe,’ former Republican Florida congressman Joe Scarborough pressed Crist to defend what he called ‘about as harsh of an attack I ever heard on a political candidate,’ and said ‘we are talking this morning [...]

Florida Democratic Party Press Release From July 29, 2008:
“Someone Needs to Tell Empty Chair Charlie Republicans To Get Up and Go To Work”

“While Empty Chair Charlie is still recovering from his posh European vacation, his handpicked RPOF Chairman Jim Greer must still be suffering from jetlag. “This weekend, the Tallahassee Democrat reported Jim Greer saying, ‘Republicans get up and go to work. Democrats get up and go down to the mailbox to get their checks.’ “‘For 19 [...]

Florida Democratic Party Press Release From July 18, 2008: “After 563 Days in Office, Crist ‘Willing to Accept’ Job as Governor”

“Nearly two years into his only term as Florida’s governor, Empty Chair Charlie Crist bleakly admitted he is prepared to accept the job he was elected to do. “During his latest escape from work – canonized here in picture as the hysterical Charlie’s European Vacation – the notorious career-climber broke the news to Floridians via [...]

RPOF Re-Launches EmptyChairCharlie.com As Part Of CRIST-ory Project

JULY 18, 2013 TALLAHASSEE, FL – As part of the ongoing “This Day In CRIST-ory” project, the Republican Party of Florida is re-launching the website EmptyChairChairlie.com, a site created in 2008 by the Florida Democratic Party to attack Charlie Crist. The site’s sole purpose will be to archive and post previous Florida Democratic Party press [...]